Vision Air of Houghton Lake, Michigan

Distributors Of A Wide Range Of Filtropur Products


Filtropur is a manufacturing company for indoor filtration products that has authorized distributors including Vision Air Allergy Relief of Houghton Lake, Michigan. FVS Inc. the manufacturer of Filtropur, manufactures a wide range of filtration products including room filters, home filters, Enviro-breeze filters, hypo-allergic cleaning systems and many more. The company aims to do its best to provide a better life to the customers.

"The house smells fresh and clean…"

"The salesman was knowledgeable and professional. We purchased 2 air filter systems and a vacuum cleaner. One system for the bedroom (I have allergies) and one for the living room. The house smells fresh and clean. I really like the dirt removal and the cleaning out on the vacuum and its very modern style."


Bill & Laurie Morrison


The Filtropur's Sanitizing Filtration System ...

Leading products such as Filtropur's Sanitizing Filtration System; is designed and certified to kill 98% to 100% of bacteria and 99% to 100% of viruses. The sanitizing filtration system can remove 99.97% of the harmful bacteria and viruses from the air processed through the SFS. Removal of such harmful bacteria's with this high rate of efficiency reduces the probability of any illness. The use of Filtropur's products may lead to improving the health and well-being of the customers. Filtropur's filtration products has many advantages and with the use of these air filtration products, there may be less aggravation for those with acute or chronic problems. These products may reduce the risk of illness by removing many bacteria and viruses. The products provide the ideal atmosphere to spend a healthier life.

"It is so easy, and so much fun to see just how much ‘stuff’ you get off of your furniture, bed, and floors. I am impressed…"


“After having the Filtropur air purifying system running continuously in our home for approximately two weeks, we started to hear a funny buzzing or zapping sound when it was running on the quiet setting. This happened on a weekend, so we cleaned the little wires with the pipe cleaners as we were instructed to do, but zapping noise kept on. On Monday afternoon at approximately 1 pm I called and told her of our findings of that particular machine. She said she would make a phone call to someone at the office and we would hear from them shortly. By 4 pm that afternoon we had a new Filtropur air purifying machine set up in our living room in our house. How fast and amazing was that!! Especially when we live 3 hours from the office, it just so happens that someone was headed our way with a new delivery of these machines to our area. Still, that is great customer service. Like I mentioned before about it being fun to clean, I am now wanting to clean with the Filtropur ‘vacuum’. Where I never cleaned house before, I am now doing so. It is so easy, and so much fun to see just how much ‘stuff’ you get off of your furniture, bed, and floors. I am impressed. Thanks Filtropur, I am hooked on your products!”


Cathy Coburn

According to Independent Reports...

... the air inside a house is much more polluted than outside. An independent survey revealed that the air of the inside surroundings is 200% to 500% more polluted than outside. This leads to poor air quality of indoors irritating the existing allergies. The advanced filtration system of Filtropur consists of a sealed filtration system to capture the pollutants down to a size as small as .3 microns. The most appreciated feature of this product is that it can constantly kill airborne contaminants.

"I am so enjoying my SFS Air Cleaners & Commercial Vac…"


“Thank you for getting my order to me the next day… was a happy surprise. Just a great follow up for our pleasant phone conversation & your more than helpful ordering process. I am so enjoying my SFS Air Cleaners & Commercial Vac. I do believe they have helped my sinus. I use to get 1-2 sinus &/or ear infections a year. I have not had either since receiving my 3 piece system. The cone filters are easy to remove & install tops of air cleaners are easy to remove & replace and they are all also easy to vac. Again, thank you, for your help & sending my order so promptly & paid for shipping, too. Be well.”


Teresa R. Pesek

Using Filtropur's Filtration Products...

... has many advantages. With the use of these air filtration products, there may be less aggravation for those with acute or chronic problems. The usage of these filtration products also may reduces the risk of illness by removing many harmful bacteria and viruses. Moreover, you get fresher, cleaner smelling air at your premises.

The company has experienced staff...

... who work very hard and efficiently to design and manufacture the products that help in eliminating dust, dirt, dust mites, pollen, odors and toxic chemicals from indoors to offer a safe, clean and healthier environment. For more information, please visit